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Pirate Background 5eHello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my 5e backgrounds list series. And i am glad that you’ve chosen to read our next episode on our website. From this article you’ll be going to learn about pirate background dnd 5e. As per my experience with the backgrounds backstories this is one of the most interesting backgrounds in the phb. So why i am saying it is interesting means it usually goes against the grain of many other backgrounds available there so it is. In any case let’s get started dnd pirate backstory by beginning with its description.


You’ve sailed on a seagoing vessel for many years. In that time, you’ve bravery seen experience of many mighty storms, monsters of the deep, and those who wanted to sink your craft to the bottomless depths. Your first love is the distant line of the horizon, but the time has come to try your hand at something new.

Now being many more of these third party backgrounds, you should always be sure about your backstory lines up with your character level. For an instance if you’re first level then you are not going to be a lord of the 7 feet seas and blackbeard is not going to be your first person, so should not try it unless it’s some scrawny dude named as blackbeard who is like 12 yr old one. But for the most part at first level you’re going to be like just gonna be a ship hand nothing really too special about you. Now you say before we go into its brief overview does d&d have pirates?. In any case you may also like to read urchin background 5e.

Overview Of It’s Description

Discuss the nature of the ship you previously sailed with your Dungeon Master. Was it a merchant ship, a naval vessel, a ship of discovery, or a pirate ship? How famous (or infamous) is it? Is it widely traveled? Is it still sailing, or is it missing and presumed lost with all hands? What were your duties on board — boatswain, captain, navigator, cook, or some other position? Who were the captain and first mate? Did you leave your ship on good terms with your fellows, or on the run?

You spent your youth under the sway of a dread pirate, a ruthless cutthroat who taught you how to survive in a world of sharks and savages. You’ve indulged in larceny on the high seas and sent more than one deserving soul to a briny grave. Fear and bloodshed are no strangers to you, and you’ve garnered a somewhat unsavory reputation in many a port town. Apart from this you may also like to read rogue backgrounds 5e.

Pirate Stat Block 5E

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception both are amazing skill proficiencies.
Tool Proficiencies: Navigators tools dnd, vehicles (water)
Languages: None
Equipment: A belaying pin (club), 50 feet of silk rope, a lucky charm such as a rabbit foot or a small stone with a hole in the center (or you may roll for a random trinket on the Trinkets table in chapter 5), a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 10gp

So if we discuss about it overall, i think it should have a language and in my opinion dnd pirate languages should be a thieves cant 5e. In any case it is quite strong mainly relative to a couple of the other player’s handbook backgrounds. Now let’s go ahead with one of 5e backgrounds features. You know what it is is bad reputation 5e.

Feature: Bad Reputation

If your character has a sailor background 5e , you might select this background feature instead of Ship’s Passage that we are going to reveal now. In any case let’s read the overview of pirate ship background feature bad reputation.

No matter wherever you travel, people are scare about you beacuse of your reputation. When you are in a civilized settlement, you can get away with minor criminal offenses, such as refusing to pay for food at a tavern or breaking down doors at a local shop, since most people will not report your activity to the authorities.

In any case this is rather interesting and of course i could make a case that like you scale and level and also as you continue this more rugged thuggish lifestyle. However the its degree of crime story that you could get away with shall be only enhanced. Another interesting point is just because of you do not get reported doing it, doesn’t mean it is unaware that you did it.

So what i mean is that it is good to say that some people such as shop owners or inn owners are not going to be interested in you or your party all that much. Of course they’ll be kind to you in your personal life but when it comes to behind the scenes they would be using any tools that they have access to, to get off of you and of course you’re not welcoming them though. Of course make sure to check out all of your eatable ones such as food and drink for saliva before indulging very much. Also read this custom background 5e.

Place In The Crew:

Everyone in the pirate crew 5e has so many responsibilities and also has a specific job. You can observe the below table.

D6Place In The Crew
1Captain, you are the master of the ship. Your word is your bond, and is as good as law.
2First mate. You are used to being the second in command. You are the eyes, ears, and mouth of the captain. Loyalty is the most important thing to you.
3Boarding party. You are the tip of the spear, you specialise in close combat and creating fear in your enemies.
4Slave. You come from a low place in the world, doing all of the cleaning and maintenance on board the ship. Nobody knows all the crooks and crannies of a ship like you do.
5Cook. A hungry crew is a useless crew. You are a master at creating ship food seem edible
6Ambassador. Every ship needs someone who can go on land or aboard other ships and be the public face of the crew. Someone who can look and seem trustworthy and law abiding, that is you. You are a silver tongued con-man

you might wanna know more about hermit background 5e in any case if you would like to check out our other background and want to know what is the best background in dnd? please go with this link there you will get all the dnd backgrounds. Apart from this lets get into its suggested characteristics now.

Suggested Characteristics:

Why your character would have been turned to piracy, you should think about it. And also their position like what their position in the crew which means for how they interact out in the world. A pirate captain 5e always would act almost like a nobleman in the entire world expecting the respect and also reverence versus a slave those who would likely choice to be the unseen whenever possible. Would you also like to visit our charlatan background 5e too then make sure to click on the link. Without any further ado let’s get started with dnd ideals bonds flaws.

Personality traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what.
2I work hard so that I can play hard when the work is done.
3I enjoy sailing into new ports and making new friends over a flagon of ale.
4I stretch the truth for the sake of a good story.
5To me, a tavern brawl is a nice way to get to know a new city.
6I never pass up a friendly wager.
7My language is as foul as an otyugh nest.
8I like a job well done, especially if I can convince someone else to do it.


D6Options For Flaw
1I follow orders, even if I think they're wrong.
2I'll say anything to avoid having to do extra work.
3Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.
4Once I start drinking, it's hard for me to stop.
5I can't help but pocket loose coins and other trinkets I come across.
6My pride will probably lead to my destruction.


D6Options For Ideal
1Respect: The thing that keeps a ship together is mutual respect between captain and crew. (Good)
2Fairness: We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards. (Lawful)
3Freedom: The sea is freedom-the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. (Chaotic)
4Mastery: I'm a predator, and the other ships on the sea are my prey. (Evil)
5People: I'm committed to my crewmates, not to ideals. (Neutral)
6Aspiration: Someday I'll own my own ship and chart my own destiny. (Any)


d6Options For Bond
1I'm loyal to my captain first, everything else second.
2The ship is most important – crewmates and captains come and go.
3I'll always remember my first ship.
4In a harbor town, I have a paramour whose eyes nearly stole me from the sea.
5I was cheated out of my fair share of the profits, and I want to get my due.
6Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered our ship, and left me to die. Vengeance will be mine.
Q: Is there a pirate class in 5e?

A: Usually the dnd pirate class is primarily a firearm-oriented class with your great focus on fun and maneuver based combat. Additionally, the pirate 5e class has also four amazing sub-classes that help highlight certain nautical stereotypes and strengthen the pirate’s base features and abilities. The large selection of maneuvers and sub-classes this list has to offer really helps to diversify the class, allowing you to play your character in line with any nautical niche you wish to.

Pirate subclasses 5e list

  • The Fool
  • The Dread Pirate
  • The Seafallen
  • The Powder Keg

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Pirate vs Sailor

These both backgrounds has same description and suggested characteristics. But one thing there is a difference between these two is in their description. For pirate you don’t see this part of thier description but sailr has it that is

You spent your youth under the sway of a dread pirate, a ruthless cutthroat who taught you how to survive in a world of sharks and savages. You’ve indulged in larceny on the high seas and sent more than one deserving soul to a briny grave. Fear and bloodshed are no strangers to you, and you’ve garnered a somewhat unsavory reputation in many a port town.

Apart from this do you have any idea on best wizard background 5e and fighter backgrounds dnd. If you have please let us know down in the comment section.


This pirate background 5e can be found on the page number 139 of the Player’s Handbook. You can do check it out guys. If you have any queries to ask us about this dnd background or any creative ways to pirate homebrew 5e then feel free to put your comment down beneath in the comments section and we will try to reply as soon as we got the answer to your concerns of this topic.

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