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Hello everyone welcome or welcome back to my website and thank you so much for checking out an another episode of our dnd 5e backgrounds series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the most searching one in d&d 5th edition that is dnd 5e giant foundling background. This background is found in the bigby presents: glory of the giants. So i suggest everyone to get this one and it is a wonderful source.

In any case today from this article we will be covering this background description, feature and its most helpful suggested charactertistics. So by the end of this article you’ll be learning all the relevant aspects to include it in your games. So why late let’s begin our topic today. You can also check out this rune carver 5e.


Nonetheless you aren’t a Giant, but you born and brought up among giants. It might be like you were an orphan taken in by a sympathetic family of stone giants who grown up you as one of their own. Or probably you lived in a lost prehistoric pocket of the world, surrounded by giants and fearsome behemoths or hulking dinosaurs.

Something about your environment—Probably the food or water that keep you alive, elemental magic inherent in the site of your home, or some verdant blessing of growth placed on you—caused you to grow to a remarkable size for your kind. With the aid of this magic, you have learned how to embody the might of giants. You are used to moving via a world much larger than you, and that is reflected in your skills, attitude, and perspective on life.

That being said, and it is one of the great descriptions so far we’ve covered till now for dnd 5th edition backgrounds in our blog. I hope you like this one. Now let’s move on to its mechanics section from below list.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Survival
  • Languages: Giant and one other language of your choice
  • Equipment: A backpack, a set of traveler’s clothes, a small stone or sprig that reminds you of home, and a pouch containing 10 gp.

Under skill proficiencies you gain the two skills such as intimidation and survival. Under languages you gain the giant and one other language of your choice. And under equipment you can take a backpack, a set of traveler’s clother and a small stone etc. Now let’s move on its origin stories.

Origin Stories

How you’ve come across here to live among colossal creatures is up to you to determine, but the Foundling Origin table suggests a variety of possibilities. Check out them from below table. Also check out this sage background 5e.

1You were found as a baby by a family of nomadic giants who raised you as one of their own.
2A family of stone giants rescued you when you fell into a mountain chasm, and you have lived with them underground ever since.
3You were lost or abandoned as a child in a jungle that teemed with ravenous dinosaurs. There, you found an equally lost frost giant; together, you survived.
4Your farm was crushed and your family killed in a battle between warring groups of giants. Racked with guilt over the destruction, a sympathetic giant soldier promised to care for you.
5After you had a series of strange dreams as a child, your superstitious parents sent you to study with a powerful but aloof storm giant oracle.
6While playing hide-and-seek with your friends, you stumbled into the castle of a cloud giant, who immediately adopted you.


Strike of the Giants

You gain the Strike of the Giants feat.

Building a Giant Foundling Character

Your life among the giants have been provided you a unique perspective. Even though you are unusually a large for your kind, and of course you’re no larger than a giant child, so you might be very mindful of your size. Do not miss this acolyte 5e.

Suggested Characteristics: The Giant Foundling Personality Traits table suggests a different of traits you might adopt for your character. Of course the giant foundling 5e ideals are not available yet! In any case don’t miss this feylost background 5e.

Giant Foundling Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1What I lack in stature, I make up for with sheer spite.
2I insist on being taken seriously as a full-grown adult. Nobody talks down to me!
3Crowded spaces make me uncomfortable. I’d much rather be in a wide-open field than a bustling tavern.
4I embrace my shorter stature. It helps me stay unnoticed—and underestimated.
5Every avalanche begins as a single pebble.
6The world always feels too big, and I’m afraid I’ll never find my place in it.

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