Investigator Background 5e In Dnd

Investigator Background 5e:

Many of the villains in the Faerun are the larcenous but remaining others have a honest career. Just because of that being a private eye is one of said careers, wherever the back alleys Waterdeep and also Baldur’s Gate are the criminal enterprises. Most of the times, these villains follows the law, but remaining others get to their quarry without regarding to the health, safety, or social standards. Mostly they are ruthless but they always keep their word, if for the no other reason than to earn the hefty pay.

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Suggested Characteristics

Basically, you have been being a private eye, You’re also distanced from all others, the below all mentioned personality traits, flaws, bonds and also ideals you can have. So why late let us discuss them and take away for you and give away for us.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1You have an addiction problem.
2You are very genre savvy.
3You are a braggart.
4You are a cynic.
5You often gamble.
6You let others do the dirty work.
7You are friendly with your clients.
8You do everything yourself.


D6Options For Flaw
1My cynicism can make me a turncoat.
2I have waxing addiction problems.
3I tend to make terrible bets, especially when gambling.
4I care only for myself.
5I am a smart aleck, and I don't stifle my showing it.
6I charge exorbitant prices for my taking a case, almost to the point of not receiving any.


D6Options For Ideals
1Honor: I will honor my word, even if it harms me. (Good)
2Greed: I only do this for the money. (Evil)
3Justice: If I find my client is a traitor, I will do the same. (Lawful)
4Vigilantism: The law is a burden that I must not adhere. (Chaotic)
5Privacy: The case is a means to an end. That end is not my business. (Neutral)
6Ambition: My name shall me made through detective work. (Any)


D6Options For Bond
1My bond is to the people who write mystery novels. They helped me get where I am.
2I am in the job to escape justice, in a way.
3I am in a debt of one hundred platinum, due to a terrible bet.
4The bartender at the local tavern has been awfully kind these past few decades. I should probably repay his generosity.
5One criminal betrayed me, when my villainy was less honest. When we cross paths again, only one of us will leave that place.
6I have no bond. I am my own creature!
  • Skill Proficiencies : The field of detective work is simply cut-throat and cunning too. Because of your supposed competence only you have gained all these skill proficiencies.
  • Languages : You can understand the languages of your clients and also informants just because that you being like a private investigator.
  • Equipment : You had many cases and by these cases you have gained all these equipments.

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Feature: Informants

In a single town of your choice, you have three informants, in that town you can investigate at any time and whenever you are on the investigation you have rights to call upon one of them for the information which is vague but clear or accurate. You can also check out faceless 5e background.

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