About Us

I’m John, the proprietor of 5ebackgrounds.com – A web designer carrying on with an independent life. Starting this site rung a bell when I was beginning to play D&D. I’m a major enthusiast of RPG, and D&D was the best game I could discover in the Store around then. I was totally interested with the ongoing interaction.

The capacity to change the units and logos for the group was what I cherished the most. I additionally acknowledged numerous individuals out there who are searching for packs since they couldn’t make one all alone. So I chose to make this site, to share every one of the packs and logos and help different players appreciate this game.

Note: Till now we have made lots of content on dungeons & dragons 5e backgrounds through this website….our followers are asking us to create more content on other d&d 5e content like classes, spells, races, feats, monsters…etc so we decided to make another website and we did it….you can check out this website and support us for creating more content…dnd5ebackgrounds.com.