Acolyte 5e Background In DnD (How it Benefits You)

Acolyte Background 5E

Hello everyone! would you like to know what does your favorite acolyte background do? and with what 5th edition class does this background plays well! so don’t worry we will guide you on how to play. In 5e backgrounds chart we have an Acolyte 5e Backgrounds and it is one of the best dnd backgrounds which is a religious figure, similar to cleric, priest or father, in this article we are going to show you its all features or characteristics from the below lines.

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What Is An Acolyte In D&D 5e

Is that your d&d character wish to be lived like the medium one between the gods and the mortals and even would like to act as a guide for your fellow adventurers and the townspeople? So it is the best time and better to pick the dnd acolyte background which can permit your character for spreading the word of the celestial beings or the infernal beings, whatever beings you want really.

So if you would pick this background then you have advantage to get a holy symbol of your choice. It can really be whatever you want a backpack, some incense, a holy book. You know all those things to exorcize ghosts or you know just spread the good word. Even though it gives you proficiencies and insight and religion too and of course it even gives you the shelter of faith feature which is fantastic.

The feature allows you to find refuge in temples which are related to the god or the gods of your choices. That’s some free healing, free restoration.

If you don’t know what is an acolyte in d&d backgrounds then read this. Actually, the d&d acolytes are the junior members of the clergy and these d&d 5e acolyte stats usually answerable to the priest, so according to their profession they usually perform various functions in a temple and they’re granted minor spell casting power by their deities.

This acolyte 5e has d&d shelter of the faithful feature too and in that feature you have many benefits, you can check more about it in below lines. It is a strong choice in both ways like mechanically and in roleplay.

acolyte background 5e

The acolytes are independent who are sacrificed to the service of a deity or even a divine reason these could be priests, priestesses, monks or even devoted separate ones who find solace and purpose in their faith. So mechanically you get the proficiency with an insight and the religion skills along with the two languages as per your choice. However you also get the feature which is known as shelter of the faithful which means that you get some support of your community.

In times of need like if you need to have a place to stay, a warm meal or healing at that type of situations your faith should provide you with a fantastic network of allies. Of course as we discussed till now the acolytes are individuals of faith whether on the quest to spread the word of their deity or even the discover hidden mysteries.

In any case their devotion structures their actions and beliefs. Whenever facing any challenges the acolytes have a good strength of their convictions to guide them. Of course having this faith and also unfavor in commitment could lead to different acts of heroism and also selflesness. So if you would like to play the chracter like who’s deeply rooted in matters of faith and divine purpose and also would like to explore the tapestry of divine mysteries then acolyte would be the background for you.


  • In providing the service of a temple for the specific god or the pantheon of the gods, you have spent your life.
  • Between the realm of the holy and the mortal world, performing sacred rites and offering the sacrifices you do act as an intermediary and in order to conduct worshipers into the presence of the divine.
  • You are not necessarily a cleric; Performing the sacred rights is not the similar thing as channeling divine power.
  • You can personally select a god. a pantheon of gods, or some other quasi-divine being among those have listed in the “Fantasy-Historical Pantheons” or else those are specified by the DM/GM and of course they’re also working by your dungeon master  (DM) to detail of the nature for your religious service.
  • I hope this is the best acolyte background 5e definition ever and i hope you got the acolyte meaning for now.

Most likely from the Forgotten Realms setting, the gods of the multiverse section usually contain single sample pantheon. Some of the queries are mentioned in below lines, you can check them now.

  1. Were you a lesser functionary in a temple, raised from childhood to assist the priests in the sacred rites? or
  2. were you a high priest who suddenly experienced a call to serve your god in a different way?

Although, you’re the leader of a small cult which being out side of any of the established temple structure or an occult group which has been served the fiendish master which you’ve denied now. In any case we are so much excited to announce about sage background 5e.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Religion
  • Languages: Two Of Your Choice (Any x2)
  • Equipment: A holy symbol, a prayer book or wheel, 5 sticks of incense, vestments, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch which is containing 15 gp.

Feature: Shelter of the Faithful

Being an acolyte background, you order the respect of those peoples who could share your belief and of course you can honestly and with good heart perform all of your respected religious ceremonies of your deity. In any case you and also your adventuring companions could have some expectations to gain free healing and also serious attention at a temple, shrine, or other established presence of your faith, though you must allot any material components required for spells. Those who spread your religion will support you (but only you) at a modest lifestyle.

You might also have ties to a particular temple which is especially for your selected deity or pantheon, and you have a residential place to live there for some reasons at some specific time. Of course this could be the temple where you used to help, if you’re being still on good terms with it, or a temple where you have found a new home there. In any case near your temple, you could make a call upon the priests for support, provided the help you ask for is not hazardous and you’d remain in good standing with your temple as well.

Suggested Characteristics

In temples or any other religious communities these 5e acolytes are shaped by their experience. Their Mannerisms and ideologies are affected by their study of the history and tenets of their faith and their relationships to temples, shrines or hierarchies.

Actually, their flaws might be some hidden hypocrisy or heretical idea otherwise an ideal or bond taken to an extreme.

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1I idolize a particular hero of my faith, and constantly refer to that person's deeds and example.
2I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working toward peace.
3I see omens in every event and action, the gods try to speak with us and we just have need to listen.
4Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
5I misquote (or quote) sacred texts and proverbs in almost every situation.
6I am intolerant (or tolerant) of any others faith and respect (or condemn) the worship of other gods.
7I have enjoyed nice food, drink and high society among my temple's elite. Rough living grates on me.
8I have spent so long in the temple that i've little practical experience dealing with people in the outside world.


D6Options For Flaws
1I judge others harshly, myself even more severely.
2who wield power within my temple's hierarchy, i put too much trust in them.
3My piety sometimes leads me to blindly believe those which profess faith in my god.
4I am Inflexible in my thinking.
5I am suspicious of strangers and i also expect the worst of them.
6Once i pick a goal, i become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.


D6Options For Ideals
1Tradition. The ancient traditions of worship and sacrifice must be preserved and upheld. (Lawful)
2Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
3Change. We must help bring about changes the gods're constantly working in the world. (Chaotic)
4Power. I hope to one day rise to the top of my faith's religious hierarchy. (Lawful)
5Faith. I trust that my deity will guide my actions. I have faith that if i work hard, things will go well. (Lawful)
6Aspiration. I seek to prove my self worthy of my god's favor by matching my actions against her or his teachings. (Any)


D6Options For Bond
1I would die to recover an ancient relic of my faith that was lost long ago.
2Some day i will get revenge on the corrupt temple hierarchy who branded me a heretic.
3I owe my life to he priest who ever took me in when my parents has died.
4Everything i do is only for the common people.
5I will do anything to protect the temple where ever i served.
6I seek to preserve a sacred text which my enemies consider heretical and seek to destroy.

What is the best class for acolyte background?

Of course as we already mentioned in the above overview section the cleric is one of the best and obvious option for this background to pick from the list of classes. Why this class means this would interpret their knowledge of the deities which are being performed and even allocate them with the grounding in their specific religion skill.

So one of the best ways to apply this background for your cleric class is to be validating the effect of spread in a religious community has on your character. You can check out the cleric personality traits.

  • You are the first between your order to truly hear the voice of the gods.
  • You are consistant beset by doubt in your belief despite your training.
  • You find the glory of the gods in every part of your religious community, and always have a quote ready for it.
  • You are secretly scare the power that the gods have given you. Like what if you fail?
  • You find the different majority of your religion to be too bond to scripture and tradition. You aim to end that.
  • You are a beacon for good in this world, and it is your duty to serve others.

Apart from that the druid is also one of the best classes and it has an organic orientated affinity for its wisdom checks which is the extra proficiency can support Insight. You can check out the best druidic personality traits.

  • You meant to renew the old faith and teach the balance wherever you go.
  • Your belief is better but quiet. You hardly could explain it to others if you’re tried.
  • You’re slow to have faith in those who treat the natural world as nothing more than a thing to be exploited.
  • You’re enamored by civilization and its creations. Imagine what could happen if it were brought back into balance!
  • You’re watched over by a nature spirit and often pray to it for guidance.
  • You hate hierarchies and buck against them whenever you can.

So can a paladin be an acolyte? However in RPG the Paladins can also be the best one for this background, why because they have innate ties to religious groups which make it easy to work with the Acolytic knowledge into their personalities and backstories.

What Are the Attributes Of Acolyte In D&D

An Acolyte dnd 5e has Medium Humanoid like any race and any alignment and it has armor class, hit points, speed, skills, senses, languages and challenge like all other backgrounds 5e. Now we can check them from the below lines.

  • Armor Class: 10
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Senses: passive Perception 12
  • Challenge: 1/4 (50 XP)
  • Languages: Any One Language (Usually Common)
  • Skills: Medicine +4, Religion +2
  • Hit points: 9 (2d8)


The acolyte 5e background is the 1st-level spellcaster and its spellcasting ability is the wisdom and in this wisdom it has spell save DC 12, +4 for hitting with the spell attacks and you can observe cleric spells of acolyte which we have prepared below.

1st level (3 slots): sanctuary, cure wounds, bless

Cantrips (at will): light, sacred flame, thaumaturgy


  • Club: Melee Weapon
  • Attack: +2 to hit, reach 5ft., one target.
  • Hit: (1d4) bludgeoning damage
  • STR: 10 (+0)
  • DEX: 10 (+0)
  • CON: 10 (+0)
  • INT: 10 (+0)
  • WIS: 14 (+2)
  • CHA: 11(+0)

As per the all other official dnd 5e backgrounds, the acolyte is one of the best dnd backgrounds and we hope you’ve gotten all types of information whatever you would like to get about it.

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