DnD 5E Backgrounds For Rogue

dnd backgrounds for rogue

The dnd backgrounds 5e are always frequently being neglected part of the 5th edition D&D build discussion, initially because they are always centered around of the roleplay, and after that will differ in a greatful way from a character to character. In this article we are going to write about dnd 5e backgrounds for rogue.

The rogues are more proficient in the wide range of variety of skills, so that some of these concepts may be moderately generic. You can see all the details about what background is good for rogue from the players handbook. You can share your ideas by using the below comment section.

DnD Best Background for Rogue

Basically this particular section does not address each and every published background, like it is doing so would lead a result in an ever-growing list of options that do not cater to a class. Anyways, instead, of this section shall some options that i usually think work especially great for the class, or even which is usually tempting but very poor selections.

Of course the rogues could be done lot more, but of course they are also need so much of skills to do it all. Just see for the backgrounds which would fill in the proficiencies that already on the Rogue skill list but although which you couldn’t get with your choice of the two skills. Still if you’re having any issues while deciding, here are some suggestions we recommend:

Acolyte – Pilgrim: You’re the religious priest means who has actual experience of traveling to the holy sites. Of course you might have already been helped to others who can make the similar journeys, or else to be saving up to travel to an especially inhospitable holy site.

Charlatan – Gambler: You’ve had made a living like the professional gambler, which is about betting on the gladiatorial matches, cockfights, horse racing, or games of chance to win big. Even though whenever the odds aren’t to your liking, that you always be make sure of to have the trick up your sleeve, like the weighted dice , blackmail, or—on especially an important bets—poison. Suppose, if the people are start getting more suspicious, you can also set up the new identity within a new town at the drop of a hat, and start all over again.

Criminal – Robber: Of course you already have become skilled in an art of robbery; you hold up the banks or people, shake them down for the sake of money and then flee before a militia arrives. However while any dangerous, your talents that have earn you some money and respect in the criminal underworld.

Entertainer – Dancer: Usually your nimbleness has been given you a specific gift in a skill of dancing. Of course you would be entertain the crowds at concerts with the dancing routine, such as the ballet, tap dance, or freestyle. Even though your skills like the dancer that translate well on a battlefield, that is allowing you to ‘dance’ surroundings of your enemies in order to gain an upper hand.

Folk Hero – Outlaw: This is one of the dnd backgrounds for rogues. Of course it is the greedy noble of your town that levels the highest tax against to the poor commoners, those who are menaced in a stable way by the corrupt town guard. Of course you took the matters into your both hands, and also did a robbery a great deal of wealth from a noble to provide to the poor people. However because of the theft has made you an enemy of the noble, that you already became adored by the people for the act.

Guild Artisan – Artist: You’re one of the talented artist that who can sells their works for a worth of coin. But not all of the artists do usage of the canvas and brush; probably you may be a sculptor, potter, or calligrapher.  Your nimble hands and also the perfectionist attitude shall make you deadly with a blade or bow.

Hermit – Secret Society: As per this background you are a child of the member of the secret society of thieves or else the assassins. However you were raised from the birth for continuing a family legacy and carry out missions for the sake of society. Even though all of your motivations may be monetary, hereditary, or philosophical.

Rogue, Noble – Duelist: Actually fencing is one of the popular sports among the aristocracy, which seen as the most refined than a wrestling or horse racing. Of course you’ve made the name for yourself among of your family like an excellent fencer, and even pay more focus towards to your next duel than the goings-on of the aristocratic world.

Rogue, Outlander – Longhunter: You’re a skilled explorer that who has been made up of the expeditions into the frontier or else the other hospitable territory for some months simultaneously. You might have been paid for exploring a territory by the orders of a king, or else even it is simply done it to see whats out there and make a name for yourself.

Rogue, Sage – Dungeoneer: You’re the scholar of a lost civilizations, and even it is study the remnants of an ancient tombs and catacombs. Even though your field of study calls for also delving into the dangerous environments and also the fighting hostile enemies, which is you’ve become quite skilled at. However the work might be deadly, and the reward of lost knowledge is more sweet.

Rogue, Sailor – Pirate: You’ve spent all of your youth under a sway of a dread pirate, of course a ruthless cutthroat those who have taught that you how to survive in the world of a sharks and savages. Even though you’ve indulged in the larceny on a high seas and sent more than a deserving soul to a briny grave. The Fear and also the bloodshed are no more strangers for you, and also you’ve been garnered the somewhat the unsavory reputation in many of a port town.

Rogue, Soldier – Skirmisher: You’re served in the army like the skirmisher, by providing some tactical assistance through the flanking, ambushes, and also reconnaissance. Even it is fighting an enemy directly is unwise and also you would be using each and every method which are available to you to gain the upper hand.

Rogue, Urchin – Hoodlum: With no one to turn to be in your youth, of course you’ve joined in a street gang for a protection and company too. Of course you’ve learned about how to survive on the streets and also they were taught how to pick locks, sneak in the shadows, and escape from the guards.


These are the d&d backgrounds for rogue if you like this article please share this article with your d&d friends and dnd 5th edition mates. Leave a comment below if you need anything else from this article like to include or to exclude something from this article.

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