Gladiator Variant Background 5E

By this Gladiator Variant Background 5E almost you’re a gladiator of the colosseum; so that you’re captured, enslaved and also forced to complete within the death matches. All of your fighting styles are made up you a successful gladiator or else it was almost more good enough for keeping you alive. Here the colosseum is in your blood and with you now, the events which has taken the places all the memories which you could replay along in your dreams and also your experiences have been become you. Of course either by choice or not, even though you’re almost a free; so that you would never ever been escaped from the arena.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics and Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, Vehicles (land)

Languages: Any one

Equipment: Costume, a set of common clothes, a past trophy, an inexpensive but unusual weapon, such as a trident, cestus gloves or net (one of your choice) and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Arena Types

Here you have to check what is; not all of the gladiators are similar. Some of them are fight with the fists while the some others by some of the weapons or the magic, what type of skills has keepen you alive?

1Fight Club. You have crushed peoples skulls with your bare hands. Fight Club. You have crushed peoples skulls with your bare hands.
2Magic. Your knowledge of the arcane has seen the death of many mages.
3Pit Fighter. You fought with weapons in a crowded arena that smelled of death and fear.
4Coliseum. You fought opponents in tests of strength and honor, but there is no honor in being forced to take a life
5Tamer. You slayed many creatures either on your own or with a team and can still hear their screams.
6Dueler. One-on-one duels were your specialty, man and beast fell before you as tyrants watched on.

Feature: Contacts

When you’re in a town, you have capacity to find the venue in which to fight for the money and also the reputation, probably the gladiatorial arena or else the secret pit fighting club. So that type of a place, you could receive the free lodging and even the food of a modest or even the comfortable standard (which is depending upon the quality of the establishment), in this way as long as you can perform each night. You may also like to read abyss background.

In an addition, your performance will make you something of the well known local figure. But whenever the strangers could recognize you within a town wherever you have been performed well, they are typically take a liking to you. As per this feature you are able to find the fighting matches in between adventures sufficient to be maintain the comfortable lifestyle.

Suggested Characteristics


1Violence has kept me alive for so long it's all I know.
2I refused to be forced to fight and will only fight when where and who I choose.
3I can't stand the sight of blood, it causes me to black out
4I feel almost no emotion.
5I am afraid of being enslaved to fight again.
6Nobody can beat me and I'll destroy anybody who says otherwise.


1My weapon has seen me through many battles, it is important to me.
2My costume is part of me and my being.
3I have seen countless friends die around me, many at my own hands, so I find it difficult to make new ones.
4I am loyal to my friends as long as I respect them.
5I feel like I am still a part of my old arena team.
6Sometimes I cannot leave who I became in the arena.


1Reputation I want to be known throughout the land as the strongest. (Neutral)
2Power I want to become the hero I pretend to be. (Any)
3Fear I want people to tremble at the sound of my name. (Evil)
4Hope I want to inspire others. (Good)
5Money I'm just in it for the money. (Neutral)
6Torture I love to see others in pain. (Evil)

Personality Trait

D8Personality Trait
1I enjoy the power, but glory can take me away every once in a while.
2I have a persona that I can become randomly and my costume changes me morally.
3I only respect people if they prove themselves in the ring.
4I can't stand the sight of an unfair fight.
5Fighting is how I escape from reality.
6I love the smell of fresh blood.
7I will overdo my actions to an almost comical level.
8I haven't actually been hit for years.

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