Celebrity Adventurer’s Scion 5E Background

Your family name was strike fear and also the admiration in the different hearts of a common folk – but of course that’s got nothing for doing anything with you. Different types of songs and stories that are celebrating an adventuring exploits of your famous parent are widely known to be. However the kids across the land that are grew up wishing they’re you. But of course being a child of the famous adventurer wasn’t all hugs and kisses.

Even though you seldom saw all your celebrity-adventurer parent, and also whenever they’re around, it usually was all about them and tales of slaying this particular demon or else vanquishing that dragon. All too most frequently, Of course after all these you’d be woken out of a deep sleep, by someone standing outside of your home screaming about the latest threat to the town, the region, or the world. You may be also interested to read our volstrucker agent background 5e.

But in the end, all you need to show for your lineage is only your name. However most of your family’s money went for the sake of consumables, from the potions of healing and also spell scrolls to copious amounts of dwarven ale. And of course everyone shall be expected you to swing a sword or sling spells such as your famous forebear, making it doubly hard for you to prove yourself. You can see its mechanics below:

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Performance
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
Languages: Two of your choice
Equipment: A disguise kit, a set of fine clothes, and a belt pouch containing 30 gp.

Feature: Name Dropping

You have already known and met any number of most powerful people across the world- and also some of them might even to be remember you. Of course you might have been capable to wrangle a minor assistance from the major figure in a particular campaign, however at the DM’s discretion. In an addition to that, the common folk shall treat you with some difference, and also your heritage and even the stories that you tell might be good for a free meal or a place to sleep.

Suggested Characteristics

The Scions of celebrity adventurers should have to be deal with the fame which is not theirs, wealth they haven’t earn. And also their expectations they could never hope to be met. However all these hardships could have adverse effects, but of course those who would cope with them can arrive at the decent attitude and also a grounded worldview. Those who shall fail become bitter – or even worse though.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I will never get out of my famous parent's shadow, and no one else will ever understand this burden.
2I've seen enough of the adventuring life to have realistic expectations and empathy for my peers.
3Living up to my legacy will be difficult, but I'm going to do it.
4I'm used to the very best in life, and that's a hard habit to break.
5My parent taught me a sense of duty. I strive to uphold it, even when the odds are against me.
6No one can fake a smile, a handshake, or an interested nod like I can.
7I've been part of the adventuring life since I was old enough to walk. Let me explain a few things to you.
8No risk is too great for the rewards of defeating my enemies … and taking their stuff.


1Power. The only way to get ahead in this world is to attain power and hold onto it with all your might. (Evil)
2Peace. Those who can find or make peace in the chaotic world around them have everything. (Lawful)
3Fame. I've seen what fame can bring. And I'll do anything to get all that for myself. (Neutral)
4Training. Hard work, sacrifice, and training lead to success - and eventually to perfection. (Any)
5Anonymity. I want to be successful. And alone. With lots of guards and wards between me and everyone else in the world. (Any)
6Wisdom. Material wealth is an illusion. Wisdom is the real treasure. (Good)


1While my parent was out adventuring, a servant raised me, and I care about that person more than anyone.
2I consider every member of my parent's former adventuring party to be family.
3Despite their absences, my famous parent was kind and generous. I love them and want to make them proud.
4My parent once brought a cursed magic item home. It is my obsession.
5My childhood home holds all my best memories, and its upkeep is my primary concern.
6Growing up, I had an imaginary friend I could always count on. That friend is still with me.


1You don't know what I'm going through. You never can.
2You. Fetch my cloak. And maybe rub my feet for a while.
3My comrades are brave, but I must defeat this threat alone to prove my worth.
4Oh, yeah, that spell? Named after my parent's best friend. Let me tell you about them.
5My best days are behind me. Ahead lies only toil, pain, and death.
6You have to look out for yourself. No one else will.

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