Smith’s Tools 5e

Actually, these special tools have been included in the items which needed to pursue a craft or else a trade. To your ability checks the proficiency bonus can be added by using the proficiency with the set of artisan tools also you make using the tools in your craft too. For each and every artisan’s tools will be required a separate proficiency. Here is our recommended background for this is feylost.

Smith’s Tools 5e Attributes

Adventuring Gear (Artisan’s Tools)
  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Standard
  • Weight: 8
  • RAW Cost: 20 GP
  • RAW Weight: 8 lbs
  • *Example Items: Hammer, tongs, bellows, punches, and chisel
  • Crafting Restrictions: Requires a forge
  • Mundane Item Crafting: Most medium armors, all heavy armors, most weapons, many pieces of adventuring gear
  • Magic Item Crafting: An enormous list of metal items
  • Artwork Creation: Can create a variety of metal artwork objects
  • QA Artwork Bonus: None
  • Structure Building: Can participate in but not lead the creation of a structures Adventuring Utility: Able to modify metal forged items, and use their knowledge of forged items in the field

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