D&D 5E Knight Errant Background

Being a knight-errant 5e background you are not only travel to the lands in the search of the adventure, glory, and honor, but of course they are also embarked upon a personal quest in the name of the person, an organization, or else an ideal too. However your quest was taken you across to the many different locales, leaving behind many friends and of course even quite possibly just as many enemies.

Even though you have already traveled for many years alone, which is like briefly working to the others while undertaking your quest, and also now you are come to a fork on to your road. Most probably, you have already been spent many years which is trying to accomplish your quest in order to be no avail of and are now seeking to help to the others those who might be in turn to help you, or else you may have just been finished yours last quest and you’re now seeking to start a new and more challenging one too. Don’t skip vizier 5e article from our blog.

Usually, working with your DM for coming up with a specific nature of your quest or else use a table below for some inspiration. Here you can ask some questions being this d&d 5E knight errant such as:

  • Are you embarked on a quest given to you by a great lord or lady?
  • Perhaps you are seeking to prove your worth to your home city?
  • Do you perform deeds in the name of your faith or an ideal?
  • Or do you seek to perform heroic deeds worthy of fable and song?


Here each and every knight-errant has the quest that they are embarked on a while that they are travel the lands. You can select a quest that you are on or roll from the table below.

1You are searching for a long lost holy relic.
2You are seeking a lord or a lady to serve as a vassal or platonic love to represent.
3You are trying to find a mythical beast to slay to prove your worth or help a people endangered by it.
4You are searching for the arms or resting site of a champion of yore.
5You seek to destroy a great evil plaguing the lands you travel in.
6You are trying to find a lost person important to you or the organization you represent.
7You are looking for a fabled or mystical site such as a sacred grove or a lost city.
8You seek to find a legendary weapon or armor.
  1. Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Athletics
  2. Languages: Two of your choice.
  3. Equipment: A trophy earned from a previous quest (you may roll from the trinket table or make one up yourself), a set of traveling clothes, a belt pouch containing 10 gp, and a tabard or banner emblazoned with the coat-of-arms of an organization or person you represent (you may roll from the coat of arms table or come up with one yourself).


1Those of a lord or lady you serve currently or formerly as vassal.
2Those of a platonic love you represent or represented.
3The symbol of a deity you worship or a religious organization you are a part of.
4The seal of your hometown, city, or kingdom.
5Those of a fraternal organization you are part of.
6A set of ideals you identify by and its symbolical representation such as a lion representing nobility.

Feature: Knight in Shining Armor

Your all the years are traveling the land in a search of an adventure that have been honed your ability to find out those in need or else to find the to help out the needed to aid those you are helping. But whenever you’re in the moderately sized settlement or even larger your intuition tell you wherever there is someone in a danger or else in the need of help, and of course they are also like where to seek for helping if you need it. So in this case furthermore, so many honorable deeds that you have already done over the past few years had given you a better look which makes the non-hostile people feel more trusting towards you.

Variant: Knight of the Round Table

You’ve spent so many years of adventuring together with the band of other knights fighting for the sake of similar cause. Of course you’re always know that where to find a fellow knight whenever you are in the medium settlement or else larger if one has been found there. Even though, whenever you shall be going into an area where the fellow knight had been that you can immediately spot the clues of whoever it is and also wherever he or she has been. And finally, the tales of your band’s heroic deeds had traveled far and even wider making so many non-hostile people eye you with admiration.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I always take on challenges and set goals that are quixotic in nature.
2Whenever possible I always take quite a bit of time to take in and enjoy my surroundings.
3I am prone to give long and eloquent speeches, especially after a drink or two.
4Beneath my hard outer armor lies a soft and gentle soul.
5I often go into long and nonsensical rants for no reason at all.
6They say my eyes shine in the sunlight the brightest, or at least that is what I tell my love interests.
7I always try to behave like the stalwart knights of tales and legends.
8I feel extreme desire to help those in need and rid the world of evil.


1Faith. I always trust in my faith and abide by its tenets.
2Fraternity. I am loyal to my brothers and sisters to the end.
3Courage. The cause I fight for is too great to be afraid of failure.
4Honor. I will uphold the honor of the coat-of-arms I represent.
5Strength. I intend to be the strongest under the heavens and will carry on until I am actually so.
6Love. They say love has moved mountains; it certainly has moved me through the world.
7Heroism. A hero is so because of his or her actions, and I aim to ensure that I am considered to be one.
8Fame. They will sing fables and songs in my name when I am done with my quest.


1The shield my former mentor gave me is my most valuable possession.
2The love of my love is my life.
3My organization is the most important thing in the world; for it I would give my life.
4The prayer of my faith brings warmth to my bosom.
5The trusty steed on which I travel on is my best friend.
6My role models are always on my mind and to this day I aspire to be like them.
7My city and its people that are dearest to my heart.
8The pursuit of my quest is what keeps me going.


1I never quit a quest or endeavor, even if it means death.
2I am too trusting those who seem to need help my help.
3I am fiercely loyal, even if those who I am loyal to betray me.
4I quickly jump to conclusions which result in me tilting at windmills
5I care more about fame and glory than about helping those in need.
6I often set impossible goals and belittle myself when I inevitably fail to accomplish them.
7I have a single-minded drive to finish my quest, and nothing or no-one will stop me.
8I hold everyone to lofty standards and frown upon them whenever they do not meet them.

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