Disguise Kit 5e In DnD

Actually, to create the disguises which can change your physical appearance we have the pouch of cosmetics, hair dye and and also the small props. Proficiency with this disguise kit 5e lets you add your proficiency bonus to any of your ability checks which ever you make to create the visual disguises.

This is the description of the professional d&d disguise kit and we are going to give you the attributes of this kit, so once have a look at them. Also read bard instruments 5e.

Dnd 5e Disguise Kit (Dungeons & Dragons)

Category: Items

Item Rarity: Standard

Weight: 3

Item Type: Adventuring Gear

Sub type: Artisan’s Tools

Cost:  25gp

This is the brief explanation of 5e disguise kit we have mentioned not only about tools but also dungeons and dragons d&d gladiator arena

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