D&D Gladiator Arena Background 5E

Gladiator Arena 5e: Actually this gladiator was an armed combat those who entertained not only in the roman republic and also roman empire in the violent confrontations with the all other gladiators, wild animals and the condemned criminals too. Some of the gladiators were volunteers those who risked their lives and their legals and also even the social standing by appearing in the d&d gladiator arena. Most of the 5e gladiator arena’s were despised like the slaves, schooled under the harsh conditions, socially marginalized and also segregated even in the death.

  • Skill proficiencies : Athletics, Intimidation
  • Languages : One of your choice (x1)
  • Equipment : A subligaculum and helmet, a trophy from a person you killed, a unique weapon (gladius, trident, net, etc.) or shield, and a pouch containing 15 gp

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Feature: Swagger

You have received an advantage on all of the charisma checks while you’re doing fight. You’re not slowed by the difficult terrain in combat. You have a capability to cast Compelled duel spell naturally (by using your charisma like your spell casting ability) once every long rest. Also have a look at thieves tools 5e.

Suggested Characteristics :

Basically, these gladiator arena backgrounds would fight for the glory of combat. They clearly show off their skills in the fighting and also masculinity. The blood and also the death are not an unusual sight for you.

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