DnD 5E Astral Drifter Background

There are number of backgrounds are available in the d&d 5th edition, but many of them were made with some of the classic fantasy campaigns in mind. Suppose, if you’re considering the new campaign in your Spelljammer setting, you might would like something to with a little more Wildspace flavor. However we must be thankful to Spelljammer: The Adventures in a Space shall provide two new backgrounds which are perfect for this setting. One of these options is the Astral Drifter. From this article you can learn more about it with our dnd 5e background astral drifter guide. If you wonder what book is astral drifter in? it is found in the Spelljamer: Adventures in Space – Astral Adventurer’s Guide.

What Is The Astral Drifter Background?

For any longer than you are capable of remembering, you do have been traversed an Astral Sea. So that there you actually experienced firsthand the wonders of the Silver Void: what does it is….you’re stopped aging and also you’re no longer felt hungry or thirsty. It is driven by the wanderlust and also you had drifted from a part of the Astral Sea to an another, such as a mote of dust on the wind. You have been lost count of the tens of years that have been passed since you reached here.

However in all of your travels, you had camped on the petrified hulks of dead gods and also even you’re narrowly escaped the psychic winds which sweep across an Astral Sea during also avoiding prolonged contact with the plane’s most dangerous denizens.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Religion
  • Languages: Two of your choice (Celestial or Gith recommended)
  • Equipment: A set of traveler’s clothes, a diary, an ink pen, a bottle of ink, and a pouch containing 10gp



You are 20d6 years older than you seem to be in usual days, because you have spent that much time in the Astral Sea without aging.

What is The Divine Contact Feature 5E?

As per this feature you can gain the magic initiate feat and of course you must select the cleric for the feat. However in an astral sea, you have been crossed paths with the wandering deity. Although its encounter was sooo brief and nonviolent, yet it made up of a a lasting impression on you and good relation with you. This deity saw fit to be shared one secret or else obscure bit of cosmic lore with you. You can work with your DM in order to determine the details of this knowledge and its impact on ones campaign.

You need to roll on the Divine Contact table which is provided below inorder to determine which deity you are encountered with, or work with your DM to identify a more suitable choice.

Divine Contact

D10Wandering Deity
1Corellon, god of art and magic (chaotic good)
2Tymora, god of good fortune (chaotic good)
3Fharlanghn, god of horizons and travel (neutral good)
4Istus, god of fate and destiny (neutral)
5Nuada, god of war and warriors (neutral)
6Zivilyn, god of wisdom (neutral)
7Arawn, god of life and death (neutral evil)
8Hecate, god of magic and moons (chaotic evil)
9Celestian, god of stars and wanderers (neutral)
10Ptah, god of knowledge and secrets (lawful neutral)


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