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Hello everyone today we are going to be taking a look at servant dnd 5e background. If you’re looking for one of this 5e backgrounds then make sure to check out the full article and from this article we would like to share you some important aspects such as its features, suggested characteristics and many aspects regarding this. So without any further ado let’s get started our today’s episode.

You have been lived more of your life time in your service of the Lord, noble, merchant, or even someone else with much of your wealth or along with your power. Of course you have been fetched their coats, drove their chariots, pressed their clothes; and even normally did what they requested you to do.

Were you a highly respected butler? A simple scullery maid? Were you born into service, or did you join later? Were you close to your master or masters, or were they distant and cold? Did they treat you well, or beat you at the drop of a hat?


You are a personal servant for someone with the wealth and the power. Of course how wealthy and also how powerful they are might be relative, in any case they are normally wealthier and of course much more powerful than how you are, like you bound to be serving them by an employment or any other obligation. However the duties that you mainly perform for those of you serve may or may not be to your willing one.

But in any case whenever you are on the errands and tasks for the sake of your masters, those are who knew whom you help might be more increased to stand aside and leave you be or even assist you from time to time in order to curry favor. You may also like to read this what is the best background for a dnd fighter?


  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion
  • Languages and Tools: Two languages of your choice, or one language and proficiency in your choice of Calligrapher’s Supplies, Cobbler’s Tools, Cook’s Utensils, or Weaver’s Tools.
  • Equipment: A noble symbol (something that represents the ones you worked for), a tool or implement you used to serve your master, nice clothes, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Decorum

You are aware of how to carry yourself around an elite and their servants. Whenever in the appearance of someone of power or even the servants of such a person, you could easily act like if you’re belonging to and barring any extremely outlandish behavior, you could pass off your companions like belonging, too. In any case you may also like to read what is the background in d&D 5e?

Feature: Important Errands

Like you are in the service for someone with some degree of money and power, it is of course possible that the reputation of your master if known to be somehow publicly. Whenever you encounter the people who know and for the respect or even for the fear your master, if you’re capable of convince them which you are on official business for that person, however there is of course a good chance which those people would leave you to your errands unmolested, so like to be avoided the ire of your master. You may also like to read this wizard apprentice 5e background.

In some of the cases particular types of individuals might even go so far as to help you with your task in a specific attempt for the curry favor with your master. However this might even be working if you’re not longer been serving your erstwhile master, so long as you could be making people believe that you are actually still in their employ.

The specific effects of this feature are at the dungeon master discretion on a case by case basis, but the DM is encouraged to provide an appropriate range of responses depending on the situations so that this feature is appropriately helpful.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits
1I am compulsively neat, and clean; I feel uncomfortable if my companions and I are ever dirty or unpresentable
2I am a bit of a snob, and look down on the common rabble.
3 I am extremely subservient; I rarely raise my voice or object.
4 I may be quite calm and polite around those of higher power than I; but I'm harsh towards all my underlings, flexing the little power I have.
5 I dote over my companions like a concerned mother bird, fixing their clothing and making sure they look nice.
6 I hated my time as a servant, and go out of my way to enjoy myself and let loose; I'm tired of holding my tongue.
7 I rarely show any emotions, remaining calm and stoic even in the worst of situations.
8 I can-or think I can-diffuse the most tense and stressful of situations with the right word or phrase.
1Service. Your wish is my desire. (Lawful)
2Helpful. I just enjoy making myself useful. (Good)
3Free. Noone should be bound to the chains of servitude. (Chaotic)
4Infiltrate. From the position of a servant, I can worm my way into places of power! (Evil)
5Payment. I don't care what my masters do; as long as I get paid. (Neutral)
6Live. I only wish to serve in peace. (Any)
1I am still loyal to my old master.
2 The Lord I worked for is after my head, and will do anything to capture me.
3 My family still live as servants; I hope to earn a better life for them.
4 An older servant taught me the ropes and looked out for me; and I owe them a great debt.
5 I will exact revenge on the bastards who ruined (or ended) my Master's life.
6 I have plenty of friends in high places; and they've come in useful from time to time.
1 I become incredibly nervous around people of power and importance.
2 Saying that I'm a little bossy is a bit of an understatement.
3 I can be a sycophant, constantly fawning and flattering others; which can come off as shallow.
4 I've lived a relatively pampered life; the world of commoners is dull and painful to me.
5 I never speak for myself, letting others walk all over me.
6 I often can seem stiff, old fashioned and generally a stick in the mud.

My Personal Thoughts

I’m presently gaming a clumsy maid bard which uses her charm and the illusions to make herself from getting fired. She is totally devoted to her employer and shall do her best to fulfill any request.

I won’t be thinking the tools like jewlers tools, weavers tools, or painters supplies would be good for this class just because the Nobility would just be more clearly to hire those out to the professionals.

I Personally would also convert the feature to: you know how the servants act and what they want so you know how to get them to do something for you given it is not illegal or will cost them their job (no poisoning their Nobles or stealing from them). Fanatastic and i’m currently using this for a wizard servant that is free from his masters reign of terror.

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