D&D Potter’s Tools 5E

This Potter’s tool is an item of artisan tools, it costs around 10 gp and it weight’s 3 lb. All of these dnd 5e Potter’s Tools are used in creating of different types of ceramic objects, but mostly the pots and similar vessels.

Components: Here the Potter’s tools include potter’s needles, ribs, scrapers, a knife, and calipers.

History: All of your expertise aids you in identifying some of the ceramic objects, which is also including when they were created and their likely place or culture of origin.

Investigation, Perception: You can gain all kinds of additional insight whenever inspecting the ceramics, uncovering clues some others would overlook by spotting minor irregularities.

Reconstruction: Simply by examining the pottery shards, that you can easily determine an object’s original, intact from and also it’s likely purpose.

Check out the below table to get an idea about this potter’s tools. In any case you may also be interested in 5e disguise kit.

Determine what a vessel once held10
Create a serviceable pot15
Find a weak point in a ceramic object20

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