Simic Scientist 5E Background

As you are a simic scientist in dnd you have to imagine the perfect world it is as followed: one in which type of nature and civilization that exist in harmony, adapted to each other; like one in what life that is shaped to match its environment and also the environment has been shaped for being match the life. However that is the world that you have been trying to grow in some of the laboratories of a simic combine.

Al though the nature is all about the adaptation, evolution, and balance – but for it to keep up with some pace of advancing civilization, nature needs some assistance from the biomancers and also from the terraformers. Probably, if along the way, you would happen to create super-soldiers and also the mutant monsters which could bolster the combine’s defenses against to the schemes and ambitions of the other guilds, so much the better.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Medicine
Languages: Two of your choice
Equipment: A Simic insignia, a set of commoner’s clothes, a book of research notes, an ink pen, a bottle of squid ink, a flask of oil (made from blubber), a vial of acid (derived from digestive juices), a vial of fish scales, a vial of seaweed, a vial of jellyfish stingers, a glass bottle of unidentified slime, and a pouch containing 10gp (Azorius 1-zino coins)


Clades and Projects

Being a simic researcher, you are one of the part of a clade – mainly a diverse group of individuals that are combining a disparate talents in the pursuit of a common goal – or a researcher on a specialized, short-term project that is being focused on addressing an immediate need. Even though you can roll a d6 or else select from the options in the Research Options table to determine your area of research. Also do check out dragon casualty.

1Hull Clade, focused on protection and durability
2Fin Clade, focused on movement
3Gyre Clade, focused on cyclical patterns and metamagic
4Guardian Project, focused on creating guard monsters and super soldiers
5Crypsis Project, focused on intelligence and counterintelligence
6Independent research in a new area


Whenever you are attempted to learn or even recall a magical or else a scientific fact, but if you do not know that specific information, and you would know where and also from whom you could obtain it. Basically, such information shall come from the Simic laboratory, or even sometimes from an Izzet facility, a library, a university, or an independent scholar or other learned person or creature.

Even though knowing where such information could be found doesn’t automatically enable you to learn it; however you might even be needed to offer some of the bribes, favors, or other incentives to induce people to reveal their secrets.

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