Ruined/Rewarded Background DnD 5E

Today we’ve two backgrounds with us they are the ruined and the rewarded backgrounds. These backgrounds are found in the book of many things in 192 page. These dnd backgrounds kind of play on an idea of your character was spurned onto adventuring regarding of a big turn of fate whether for the positive sake or for the negative sake.

And of course from this book you can have a handful of spells and also an additional feat. However the feat has not tied to any of the backgrounds but you do still get a feat included in those two backgrounds you get to select from a list of feats in the players handbook.

Of course here the feat is cartomancer feat which is a feat for the characters those who would like to channel their magic through a deck of playing cards. With that hyped up intro about this book. Let’s talk about the backgrounds now. In any case we have a complete list of backgrounds 5e.

Rewarded Background 5E

Here the things are looking up! Of course your character has got a lottery, was being granted wishes by the genie or else drew a powerful boon from the deck of many things, of course here their life has been turned around. In any case embrace this second chance by—what else?—going on an adventure!

Whenever you take this rewarded background, you’ll also gain the features which help to tell your story, so that hint at where you’ve been and how it has transformed you. So basically here you’re proficient in the insight and the persuasion. So being a player, you need to consider whether these are represent skills which your character mastered in that to survive at the time of difficult situations or skills they’ve learned because of their breadth of experiences.

Of course as per this book provides 3 feats for every character this background also got three feats such as Lucky, Magic Initiate, or Skilled (your choice), so whenever the best reflects a moment which is changed your life.  Here you can get your optional feat as per this formula like……If you’ve got the right sword in the right stone, consider yourself Lucky. Bargaining with an Archfey might have left you touched with the Magic Initiate feat. If you credit yourself with your newfound fortune or want to reflect the hardships of gaining it, take the Skilled feat!

Ruined Background 5E

You knew that everything was going so well! Of course you had a luxury life, affection, and comfort when you suddenly lost it all. Probably you were framed for the different crimes you didn’t commit and lost your reputation, fortune, and of course the career. Maybe a rampaging dragon or another monster wiped out all you had in a single calamitous afternoon. Or you might have sought out a Deck of Many Things, hoping to make your successful life even more glorious—only to draw a destructive card that changed your destiny forever.

Your desperation has driven you to the career of adventurer. You don’t seek out dark dungeons and their monstrous inhabitants for excitement and glory; you do it because every other path is closed to you. But you have risen high on fortune’s wheel once before, and with luck and fortitude, you could do so again.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Survival
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Tool Proficiencies: One gaming set of your choice (such as playing cards or three-dragon ante cards)
  • Equipment: A cracked hourglass, a set of rusty manacles, a half-empty bottle, a hunting trap, a gaming set (matching your chosen proficiency), a set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch containing 13 gp


Still Standing

You have been weathered some ruinous misfortune, and also you have been possessed hidden reserves that a third person do not expect. However you gain tha alert, skilled or tough feat (as per your choice). Sometimes your chosen feat would be reflected how you’ve been dealt with some terrible drawbacks that are shifted your life forever.

Suppose if you’d have kept your senses alert for every situation and also climbed your way out of misery simply by seizing a tiniest scrap of hope, then you must choose alert. However if you’ve redoubled some of your efforts to reclaim what was once yours, select skilled. If you’ve stoically persevered via your misfortune, then select tough.

How to Build a Ruined Character

As per the ruined background dnd 5e build the characters located at top of the world before misfortune struck. Probably many of them were rich in their wealth. Others come from any kind of modest backgrounds, but usually they’re neighbouring by their friends, family, and loved ones. Probably they might have been super famous, or simply never encountered serious hardship before this.

Some of them were born to privilege or rose to prominence via the trickery or a wrong reputation. Now a Deck of Many Things—or another calamity—has been knocked them down like a house of cards.

For an instance life was become difficult or ruined by this Deck of Many Things, you should consider which card has been responsible for this. Probably your character was imprisoned for some years by this Donjon or Void card, and even now everyone they knew has died/murdered.

Maybe your character has drew the rogue card and also the person who is closest to them are like a spouse, child, or parent—turned against them. Here the ghost has been unleashed by a flames card might has been destroyed their own life. The Ruin or Talons card might have robbed the character’s material goods or saddled them with vast debt.

Suggested Characteristics. Rising above misfortune shapes one’s perspective. The Ruined Personality Traits table suggests traits you might adopt for your character (and ruinous cards that might have prompted this trait).

Ruined Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1I’ve changed from my past, and I work to live up to my new path. (Balance, Throne)
2Every moment is a gift I refuse to squander. (Euryale, Skull)
3Now that I’ve overcome having nothing, I can survive anything. (Fool, Ruin, Talons)
4I know enemies are set against me, and I always prepare for the worst. (Flames, Rogue)
5I interpret every event as part of a larger pattern I just haven’t worked out yet. (Puzzle, Star)
6I must make up for so much time I’ve already lost. (Donjon, Void)

Ruined Trinkets. Whenever you prepare your character, you may roll once on the Ruined Trinkets table, instead of on the Trinkets table in the Player’s Handbook, for your starting trinket. Here you can check out the table below.

Ruined Trinkets

1A rusted scrap of a once-beloved family heirloom
2A land deed, but all the names and markings that once tied it to you have faded into obscurity
3A bauble once imbued with powerful magic
4A battered playing card with a hole pierced in it, its face depicting the card that affected you
5A yellowed Humanoid tooth that whispers eerily when placed under a pillow
6A keepsake from someone you were once close to but who is now your enemy

Ruined Background DnD 5E Stat Block

Here it has come from Book of Many Things and that book contains two different backgrounds as we mentioned in the beginning of this article and each background provides a free starting feat, each of them are indicating the fate making or breaking your character’s current standing and outlook on life. In any case the ruined characters have had everything grabbed from them, forced to a life of adventure out of need. Keep reading this can you make a custom background 5e?.


As per ruined background 5e ideals their skill proficiencies of stealth and also survival automatically shall set you up for an excel in some most difficult environments. However the overlap with a rogue class and also the ranger class would typical skill selections shall make it an appealing consideration, but mainly here I’d go by using this as a method to gain those proficiencies in classes such as Warlock, Sorcerer, or Fighter who can greatly get advantage from hiding, but don’t get Stealth as a class skill.

Other Proficiencies

Any dnd language as per your choice shall make this one of the simpliest background in order to design to your own personal story. Whatever the sad story you’d like to have befallen your character can be reflected here. Gaming sets aren’t specifically helpful, especially when stacked against the artisan’s tools, but you’re still getting a lot of storytelling built in with the proficiency that can tie you to items like the Deck of Many Things.


In d&d 5th edition the starting equipment provides tell a decent and clear story on its own, and also it is something i’d look to adjust on characters sheet to sheet. In any case the main aspect hat affect game play are the hunting trap, gaming set, and gold. To be have a hunting trap is kind of nifty, and may get to shine in an early encounter, but for the most part, this is standard, story-driven stuff.

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