Prismari Student 5E Background

Being a dnd 5e prismari student background you are an artist and of course you’ve been to preparing to be hone your craft as per the traditions of Prismari collegeOf course whatever your medium-sculpture, dance, paint, music, drama, architecture, or else any other field-you have been to grand visions of bringing your art to life in a particular fusion of the magic and creativity.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of musical instrument or artisan’s tools
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A bottle of black ink, an ink pen, a set of artisan’s tools or a musical instrumet (one of your choice), a school uniform, and a pouch containing 10 gp.


Prismari Initiate

You can gain the Strixhaven Initiate feat and also the must selected Prismari within it. But in an addition to that, if you do have the Spellcasting or else the pact magic feature, then the spells on this specific Prismari Spells table are being added to the particular spell list of your spellcasting class. (But suppose if you are the multiclass character with some of the multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.) Also have a look at alchemist supplies 5e.

Prismari Spells
Spell LevelSpells
1stChromatic Orb, Thunderwave
2ndFlaming Sphere, Kinetic Jaunt
3rdHaste, Water Walk
4thFreedom of Movement, Wall of Fire
5thCone of Cold, Conjure Elemental

Consider to be customizing how your spells shall look whenever you could cast them. Of course you might have been wield your Prismari spells with dynamic, gestural, movement-as much dance like the somatic component. Even the blast of fire within your hands like the sculpted work of art; the elemental forces shall make to work the grand designs like you would hurl spells.

However these forces may linger on your body or else in your body or else in your clothes like the decorative elements after your spells are the dissipated, like the sparks dance within your hair and also your touch leaves tracings of frost on whatever you would touch.

Prismari Characters

Of course here the spells are offered up by this specific class that represent some elemental nature of this college. So probably in MTG, the prismari characters are always being red-blue creatures which deal a lot of damage with some powerful spells.

However that usually translates pretty much straightforwardly into 5th edition with the tendency towards fire and the water, Even though we also get some kind of impressive spells such as thunderwave or else cone of cold, that represent a wider range of elemental manipulation.

Here an another type of spell are movement spells, that are representing the freedom of movement which these creative characters hold so dearly. Probably these spells would fit great in many more different builds, but of course the sorcerers, wizards, and even bards represent the ideals best.

They do have the capability for echo these spell lists wonderfully too. So it’s a wise idea for being take an Elemental Adept feat somewhere down the line if you would take this background though.

Building a Prismari Character

Here any type of class or subclass which wields the elemental forces of cold, fire, lightning, and wind could a good fit in the Prismari. Al though the Druids and Sorcerers are most common in their Prismari. Of course the Wizards those who are study the Schools of Evocation or Transmutation are also well represented. However the clerics are not very much common in this school. But some of them with the Tempest Domain end up here.

In any case, beyond the ranks some of the traditional spellcasters, Prismari students should also include the monks those who would follow up the Way of the Four Elements. Some of the acrobatic Rogues and Fighters which is including those who emulate the archetype of the Eldritch Knight) Also to be delight in an athleticism of the Prismari performance.

Roleplaying Prismari

So the curtains up 🙂 ! It is time to step on the stage and also bring all your creativity for the life, literally. Of course the prismari students are tend to be simply as the dramatic like their art, which basically manifests in all forms.

So each student of this college is always unique, but of course they all are agree on single thing: you can always express yourself with the elements.

You can see below are the just few of their personality types which might fit your Prismari student. Roll on the below given table or else use it like the springboard for bring your own personality to life.

Suggested Characteristics

Even though the curriculum of Prismari College shall attract may outgoing and also the driven artists, the school has nothing to do with the shortage of shy scholars and lackadaisical blowhards among its ranks. However the Prismari Personality traits table suggests the variety of traits that you might adopt for your character.

Prismari Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1I'm the life of the party, and I expect everyone's attention when I walk into a room.
2Two weeks ago, I was enthralled with my latest project. Now, I think it's garbage and deserves to be destroyed.
3I believe everyone has the ability to express their truest selves through art, and I'm happy to quietly push them in the right direction.
4Everyone is a critic, and I work to win them all over.
5I'm beset with such an overwhelming sense of ennui regarding my art. Nothing quite captures my attention anymore.
6Instead of confronting my negative emotions, I channel them into explosive artistic displays.

Prismari Trinkets: Whenever you do make your character, you may roll once on a Prismari Trinkets table, but instead of on this Trinkets table in the Player’s Handbook, for your starting trinket.

Prismari Trinkets

1A pair of rose-tinted glasses with glittery frames
2A stoppered glass bottle that, when opened, plays a brassy orchestral piece
3A quartet of hovering water motes in a vial
4A bandolier of watercolor paints
5A tiara capped with a crystal that crackles with harmless lightning
6An iridescent quill

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