Dimir Operative 5E Background

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my website and thank you so much for clicking on website link. From this article we’re going to be taking a look at a rather interesting one. Today we’re going to be introducing you the dnd 5e dimir operative background and it is taken from the guild masters guide to ravnica and of course one of this dnd 5e backgrounds approximately wholly replaced the charlatan at most players tables.

I’ve also seen a couple of the messages about the guild master’s guide to ravnica backgrounds of which this is one and also how they’re kind of overpowered relative to a lot of the others. Of course i can say that this is a very clear cut example of why a lot of people have that opinion and why that is the prevailing narrative. So in any case let’s check out its description.


You’re working as a intelligence about many secrets like a spy. So the secrets and misinformation are your stock in buying and selling. You’d also skulk in the shadows, infiltrate other guilds, and also loot the most valuable secrets, whether they’re written in secret journals or hidden away in someone’s mind.

Even you don’t aware of all the reasons behind the missions you carry out. In some cases a mission’s sole purpose is to conceal the motivation behind another strike working in a different part of the city, or simply to spread fear.

As part of your covert work for House Dimir, you maintain a false identity as a member of another guild. You can select your secondary guild or roll to determine it randomly. This secondary guild membership determines a portion of your starting equipment and is also where most of your contacts come from. You infiltrate your secondary guild to get knowledge about its secrets, keep tabs on its activities, or perhaps undermine it from within.

Really really fantastic stuff though! Genuinely amazing sounding description. Now let us take a look at their extended spell lists.

Dimir Operative DnD 5E Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

In any case for you, the spells on the dimir guild 5e spells table are being included to the spell list of your spellcasting class. (For an instance if you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell LevelSpell
CantripEncode Thoughts, Mage Hand
1stDisguise Self, Sleep
2ndDetect Thoughts, Pass Without Trace
3rdGaseous Form, Meld Into Stone, Nondetection
4thArcane Eye, Freedom of Movement
5thModify Memory

Your magic has been meant to be the subtle and undetectable, in any case it might drag shadows or the clouds of the mist surrounded you like you cast your spells. Apart from this usage of encode thoughts cantrip, you can change the creature’s thoughts (that includes your own) into a thought stand which others could potentially read, share, or steal. Of course these thought strands are treated as valuable currency among the Dimir.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A Dimir insignia, three small knives, a set of dark-colored common clothes, and the starting equipment of the background described in this chapter for your secondary guild

The two skills are arguably the best skills in the game to have. Under equipment you gain the dimir insignia that makes it so you could gain the access to the guild and they aware of you. You also gain three small knives, a set of dark-colored common clothes of course it is very interesting however.

You can also starting equipment of the background described in this chapter for your secondary guild this is actually one of those things your DM may required to build the world in a certain way to accommodate this and of course it is usually plausible for any of the backgrounds we’ve done till now to become part of the guild in one form of another, whether or not it’s a sports association or a magic university or anything of those lines, you can kind weasel your way in there and gain whatever equipment they have access to. Now let’s check out its feature.


Now more close to the charlatan the dimir operative 5e has access to false identity as well and if you’ve read our article on charlatan you’ll notice that i believe this feature is arguably the best in the entire game, depending on the world you’re surviving in and how much of a rural versus urban environment you’re dealing with and if there’s any metropolis is kicking around.

False Identity:

You have more than one identity. The one you wear most of the time makes you appear to be a member of a guild other than House Dimir. You have documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allow you to assume that persona and fit into the secondary guild. Whenever you choose, you can drop this identity and blend into the guildless masses of the city. Consider why you’re embedded in the secondary guild. Create a story with your DM, inspired by rolling on the following table or choosing a reason that suits you.

d8Reason for Infiltration
1My parents belong to this guild, and I let them think I'm following in their footsteps.
2I've been assigned to track this guild's activities.
3I've been assigned to get close to an individual in this guild and learn their secrets.
4I've been assigned to recruit a new Dimir spy from the ranks of this guild.
5I was a member of this guild before the Dimir recruited me.
6I don't like what this guild stands for and want to destroy it from within.
7I secretly wish I could leave the Dimir and join this guild, but there is no escaping the Dimir.
8I chose this guild at random or on a lark.

It is more interesting and it does beg the question if you are able to do this with one identity what is to stop you from doing it with multiple.

In any case the biggest minus point to the dnd 5e dimir operative relative to the charlatan is the lack of a forgery kit. In any case that’s a relatively small hurdle to overcome when it comes to false flying information. It is really interesting and it is still one of my all time favorite features.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits
d8Personality Trait
1I'm good at hiding my true thoughts and feelings.
2When I'm in doubt about revealing something, I assume it's a secret, and I don't share it.
3I like to sound mysterious, because wisdom hidden grows deeper with time.
4I have no patience with people who get in my way.
5I love hearing about other people's nightmares.
6Combat is meant to be quick, clean, and one-sided.
7I like to stick to the shadows.
8I never show my anger. I just plot my revenge.
1Guild. My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Control. I like pulling the strings. (Lawful)
3Secrets. I collect secrets and never reveal them. (Any)
4Knowledge. I want to know as much as I can about this city and how it works. (Any)
5Independence. I value the freedom to pursue my own goals without interference. (Chaotic)
6Nihilism. I don't believe in anything, and anyone who does is a fool. (Neutral)
1I discovered a secret I can't let anyone else uncover - including my guild superiors.
2I formed a close friendship or romance with someone in the guild I'm infiltrating.
3The Dimir agent who recruited me was unmasked and killed. My revenge on the killers will be thorough and painful.
4I spend as much time as I can in the Ismeri Library because I'm certain an information hub operates behind its facade. I want its secrets!
5I'm utterly loyal to my superior in the guild, more than to the guild or its guildmaster.
6Someone has discovered my true identity.
1I like secrets so much that I'm reluctant to share details of a plan even with those who need to know.
2I would let my friends die rather than reveal my true identity.
3I have trouble trusting anyone but myself.
4I have a particular vice that puts all my secrets at risk if I'm not careful.
5I'm pretty sure I've done something horrible that I can't remember because of the guild's mind magic.
6I put too much trust in the people who give me orders.


Being an agent of House Dimir working undercover as a spy, you have few contacts within your guild. Your familiarness within your secondary guild, in the guise of your false identity, are usually more extensive.

You have to roll once on the Dimir Contacts table that is provided below, giving you an ally who serves as your contact in Dimir. Then roll twice on the table for your secondary guild. The first roll gives you an ally there, and the second roll gives you a rival.

1I know a Dimir courier who relays messages to me from someone higher up on the chain of command.
2I get orders from a shapeshifter I recognize only through a series of code phrases we exchange.
3An ostentatiously wealthy vampire is my secret guild superior, summoning me to a luxurious estate by means of coded messages.
4I have never met my guild contact, but I receive telepathic messages, usually in my dreams.
5I've never met my guild contact, but I get coded messages from a pattern of street lights and graffiti.
6I didn't discover the identity of my guild contact until after we had begun a romantic relationship.
7My superior maintains an elaborate identity as a young street urchin … unless it's all a lie, and I'm being sent on ridiculous missions by a twisted child.
8My sibling and I both get telepathic orders from a mysterious contact, and I'm starting to question the authenticity of my sibling's orders.

That being said guys! Thank you so much for checking out the dnd 5e dimir operative background guide and we hope you are happy to read this article. In any case if you’d like to share your thoughts, comments, questions or any concerns regarding this background please leave them in the below comment section and we’ll respond as soon as possible. You can also check out this faceless background 5e | 5e cultist background | golgari agent 5e |

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