Student Of Magic 5e In DnD

Student Of Magic 5E: You had been identified like a potential magic user at a very super young age and had taken in as an apprentice. You also were taken from your home for being trained either by the master whoever found you or else who were enrolled in a school for magic users. You’re seldom for never seeing your biological family and also were raised and also educated which are surrounded by the trappings of the magic.

Now, you have been set out into the greater world for seeking to use what you have been learned. Who ever taught and also how do you feel about them ? Are you in contact with your master(s) or your fellow students now? What have been led you from being a student to a life of the adventure ? Did you get expelled? did you graduate? or else are you still a student and also adventuring is just an another assignment?

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Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and either History or Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Potionmaker’s Lab

Languages: one of your choice, including d&d Exotic languages

Equipment: A bottle of black ink, a quill, 3 rolls of blank parchment, Potionmaker’s Lab, 1d4 Books (about Arcana), a letter from your Master, a set of apprentice robes, and a belt pouch containing 20gp

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Suggested Characteristics Of Student Of Magic

By students apprenticeship and also by their training this student of magic 5e is largely defined. These students had been spent most of their life mostly surrounded by the magic and in the most experienced magic users too. To this person’s life the magic is the central, either it could be merely means to an another goal or else mastering magic is the goal for itself only.

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1I tend to talk about magic as if everyone understands it, and cannot comprehend the ignorance of those who do not.
2I consider my Master to have been a font of wisdom, and have a quote from him for almost every situation.
3My Master taught me the value of secrets, I keep them very well and have a few of my own.
4I have a grand magical theory that I can’t wait to tell other people about.
5I am seldom seen without my nose stuck firmly in a book or scroll.
6When exposed to some new piece of magic, I can’t help but try to figure out what it does and how it works.
7I am extremely proud of the school I attended, and will boast of it often.
8I have no patience for ridiculous superstitions about magic.


D6Options For Flaws
1People who are superstitious about Magic are idiots, and not worth my time.
2I look down on anyone who was not properly trained in the Magic they wield.
3If my Master calls me, I’ll abandon what I’m doing to go to him.
4I can get so distracted by the mystery and wonder of magic, that I can forget I’m supposed to be fighting that other Wizard.
5A scandal prevents me from returning to my place of education, I’m trying to stay ahead of the rumors.
6I believe that the world would be better off if Magic-users ran everything.


D6Options For Ideals
1Magic For Magic’s Sake I seek to study and improve Magic, simply for the betterment of Magic (Neutral)
2Greater Good Magic should be used to protect and improve the lives of the common people (Good)
3Power Through my Power, I will conquer and gain victory (Evil)
4Tradition I will uphold the standards of Magic that were taught to me by my Master (Lawful)
5Independence I have cast off the shackles of my tutelage and will seek my own path (Chaotic)
6Spirit I will make my Master proud (Any)


D6Options For Bond
1I often think of the family I left behind when I became an apprentice, I would like to find them some day.
2I had a romantic relationship with a fellow student, I still love them.
3I am utterly loyal to my Master, everything else comes second.
4I am hunting the one who is responsible for the end of my apprenticeship.
5I had a rival all throughout my training, we still compete.
6I idolize a historical magic user, and measure my accomplishments against theirs.

Feature: The Master’s Name

Basically, you were trained! formally in the magic and also name of those which were trained you can open the doors. You have a chance to gain an audience with the another magic user! i.e, simply by dropping the name of your schools or the master. Furthermore, you have a capability to find a place to be among; either the scholars or the magic users, unless until you show yourself to be a danger to those scholars or magic backgrounds users.

Also you might have access to the resources from those who ever taught you such as whether that is access to your schools libraries and also facilities or simply the capability to correspond with your master and also ask him/her for an advice. You may also like to read dnd knight of the order background.

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