Black Fist Double Agent Background 5e

Overview Of Black Fist Double Agent Background 5e

Basically, you’re an informant for the sake of the tears of the Virulence who now lord over Phlan but also a double agent for the original town guard of the Phlan and also the Black Fists. For the tears you’ve already been tasked with the ferreting out the secrets of the so many creatures such as  Phlan’s criminal underworld, insurgency and also the common peoples of the phlan. In an exchange for the reporting on the activities of dissenters, criminals and any other rebel elements the tears of the Virulence leave you alone for conducting your affairs in the peace.

But in a reality you do work for the deposed black fists and by sharing of the misinformation with the tears of the virulence which often assists the black fists and also the other phlan insurgents. Almost from the evacuation of the phlan, you’re even almost busier today than ever before, like the number of dissenters among all the refugees which grows daily, while you’re afforded so many opportunities to spy on the peoples of the Mulmaster and also elventree, for the pleasure of your specific contact(s) within the tears of the Virulence. Also read this rival intern.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, and one type of artisan’s tools or gaming set
  • Equipment: Disguise kit, common clothes, a Tears of Virulence emblem, a writ of free agency signed by the Lord Regent, a set of artisan’s tools or gaming set you are proficient with, and a pouch with 15 gp (payment for services rendered).
  • Lifestyle: Moderate

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Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1People are only as trustworthy as you are valuable to them. Always strive to be the most valuable person around.
2My eloquence and sophistication are tools I use to avoid arousing suspicion myself.
3I am a thrill-seeker, excited by covert and dangerous missions.
4I live by my wits and always check every lock twice, just to be certain.
5I never admit to my mistakes lest they be used against me.
6I take every effort to be unnoticeable and blend into the crowd. Passersby rarely give me a second look.
7I am prepared for any eventuality; including the day my usefulness as a spy comes to an end.
8I always make certain to know my enemy before acting, lest I bite off more than I can chew.


D6Options For Flaw
1I think too highly of myself, and have an exaggerated sense of self-importance.
2I have difficulty trusting strangers. I see spies and informants everywhere.
3Years of getting away with minor crimes has left me believing that I am above the law, and have diplomatic immunity above my station.
4Years of seeing innocent people suffer have left me despondent and pessimistic for the future.
5My desire for vengeance often gets me into trouble.
6I am spendthrift, and share my wealth with the patrons of my favorite tavern.


d6Options For Ideal
1Suspicious: In my experience, everybody has something to hide, and what they hide can usually hurt me (Any).
2Secretive: I trade in secrets, and am not about to let any of mine slip (Any).
3Hedonist: Life is short. I live my life to the fullest, as I know any day could be my last (Chaotic).
4Selfless: I use my position to help the downtrodden avoid persecution from the authorities (Good).
5Patriotic: I am a loyal supporter of Phlan and its leaders, and see my role as a solemn duty and necessary evil to prevent anarchy (Lawful).
6Manipulative: I use my knowledge to blackmail and manipulate others to my own benefit (Evil).


D6Options For Bond
1I was framed for a crime I did not commit, and seek to bring the true culprit to justice.
2I am a part of an underground network that smuggles innocent civilians out of the city prior to being raided by the authorities.
3I miss the glory days of Phlan, before the coming of the dragon.
4I seek to prove myself worthy of joining the Black Fist as a member of their order.
5My sister was killed by a Tear of Virulence, and now I feed them false information whenever possible.
6My family was wrongly imprisoned, and I act as an informant in order to secure their release.

Feature: Double Agent

Of course you do have a reliable and the trusty contact within the tears of Virulence garrison in the phlan to whom ever you pass all the information and also the secrets. But in an exchange, you can easily get away with the minor criminal offences within the town of phlan and in an addition your black fists contacts could help you to secure the audience with either the lord regent, the lord sage and also the members of the black fists or else the deposed nobles and also authority figures those who are sympathetic for the phlan refugees and insurgents too.

∴ You should keep in mind, this feature is the variant of the noble feature.

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